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setting the scene

With social media as it is today, we’ve never had a better opportunity to share a message far and wide. You have a message which people will share for you, all you need to do is incentivise them to do so! Effective marketing always comes at a cost – so why not channel this cost into rewarding those who spread the word for you!

The Power Of Sharing

App User

The average Facebook user has 200 friends


If only 10 people share your message per day...

1 Month

By the end of 1 month, your message will have been seen by up to 60 000 people

That is in the league of most local newspapers,
with only 10 people sharing your message per day

The Benefits of Using

Viral exposure to your marketing message

Track your message's exposure in real-time

Drive new traffic to your website

Build up a legal 'opt-in' database of contacts for future marketing

The Nuts and Bolts

1. Establish what your message is – is it a product you're trying to sell, a promotion running for a period of time to increase your client base, an event that you're planning or even just pushing your brand out there to generate awareness in the market.

2. Decide on something to give away – this is the most important aspect of this marketing model – the bigger and better it is, the further your message will go! The bigger the incentive to share your message, the more viral it will become.

3. Set a time frame for your marketing campaign

4. Setup your campaign and start the ball rolling by sharing a link to your advert on a few social media platforms, WhatsApp or even via a QR code in your store..

5. Now sit back, and watch how your message spreads like WILDFIRE! Track each share in real-time from your online dashboard.

6. At the end of your campaign period, choose a random winner and reward one of your many new "sales staff" with the reward they've all been hoping for!

...And all this time, you've been generating a legitimate database of potential clients who you can expose to future marketing strategies.

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